"Chongba" is the original name of The Hongwu Emperor (Chinese:Hongwudi; 21 October 1328 - 24 June 1398), also known by his given name Zhu Yuanzhang (Zhuyuanzhang) and his temple name Ming Taizu (Mingtaizhu, lit. "Great Ancestor of the Ming"). He was the founder and first emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China. His era name Hongwu means "vastly martial."

        Zhu Yuanzhang was born into a poor peasant family in a small village. He had seven older siblings, several of whom were "given away" by his parents, as they did not have enough food to support the family. When he was 16, the Yangtze River broke its banks and flooded the lands where his family lived. Subsequently, a plague almost killed his entire family.

        In the middle of the 14th century, with famine, plagues, and peasant revolts sweeping across China, Zhu rose to command the force that conquered China and ended the Yuan Dynasty, forcing the Mongols to retreat to the central Asian steppe. Following his seizure of the Yuan capital Khanbaliq (modern Beijing), Zhu claimed the Mandate of Heaven and established the Ming Dynasty in 1368. 

        Our company was named after "Chongba", the original name of The Hongwu Emperor. This is because we wish to learn and follow his talents of managing an army and running the entire empire, summarized as: "Build high walls, stock up rations, and don't be too quick to call yourself a king." By mirroring his talents and humble attitude, we can produce high quality products and provide the best service to every customer around the world.

        Ningbo Chongba water purification technology co., LTD is located in the south of across-ocean bridge in hangzhou bay, is located in the hometown of small home appliance laudatory name of ningbo cixi sea town. The parent company as "ningbo zhu feng electrical appliance co., LTD.", zhu feng electronics was founded in 2000, with domestic water, water purification industry started. The specialty is engaged in the water dispensers, water purifiers accessories development, production and sales. Long-term and qinyuan, angel and other domestic famous enterprises do supporting cooperation, with strong quality consciousness and professional r&d team, through more than ten years of temper in water machine industry set up the good enterprise image, won a good reputation, have certain popularity in the industry.

        Company in 2013 after adequate market research, combined with its own strength, has formed a pressure barrels as leading products of the company, in 2014 for $500 m set up "ningbo eight water purification technology co., LTD.". Company located in specializing in the production of RO machine is one of the three parts of "pressure bucket", is expected to issue a total investment of 20 million yuan for the development of the new company.

        After more than a year of internal research and development, trial production, testing, demonstration, finally passed the internal audit; Through the test the well-known brands of enterprises in the same industry at the same time. Products at the same time also by the centers for disease control and prevention of zhejiang province detection, the wading health licensing certificate. Products also makes the third party inspection agencies, through the FDA and ROHS strict testing. In sales at the same time the company also participated in the Pacific product liability insurance. In 2014 formally to market sales.

        Company is new, but on the r&d team has the very high professional standards, the company leader Mr Chu chin woo read when studying in the United States polymer science, the research in the field of professional research institutions engaged in polymer plastic; The project principal is also has 8 years of temper, in the industry of water treatment for home and commercial reverse osmosis (RO) type system such as comprehensive knowledge, and grasp of the performance and functionality of components of also is very familiar with, especially for pressure bucket products have many years of research, development, production and quality control experience. Company on the testing equipment, has the ability of independent research and development testing equipment, and extreme pressure machine, water hammer testing machine, static pressure and air pressure all inspection equipment is developed.

        Chongba water purification in line with the concept of water purification to clear your mind, heart good conscience products, water treatment industry make good parts, let the company can be at ease use. Companies from the production environment, product material, the tank the supplier of choice, even a little on the material of valve are to do with your heart, not the best, only better, constantly improve and improve.

        Chongba water purification, water to the fish. In quality management, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Heavy eight people in there is a kind of resilience on the product quality control, a kind of perseverance;

        Welcome to the guidance of predecessors Chongba water purification industry, hope you more ideas, heavy eight water purification development cannot leave your precious opinions.

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